Break out your yellow scarves; it’s time to celebrate National School Choice Week (NSCW) Jan. 24th – Jan. 30th!

Today kicks off a national celebration to cheer the many effective educational options available to students across the country. Started in 2011, the first NSCW featured 150 events. For 2016, we look forward to more than 16,000 independently planned events across the country – we’ve come a long way in just five years!

In Arizona, we’re doing our part to celebrate educational opportunity by hosting an unprecedented 612 events statewide. The week culminates in a signature event at the state Capitol on Friday, January 29th at 10 a.m., where we anticipate over 2,000 people will rally in support of school choice. (Click here to find NSCW festivities and participants near you all week long.)

What makes Arizona’s celebration so special is its inclusive nature, marked this year by the participation of the Arizona School Boards Association (AZSBA) – the first School Boards Association in the country to sign on as a partner to National School Choice Week.

Their participation speaks to the degree of choice in Arizona, but also to the credit of AZSBA, which acknowledges that choice is not just about charter and private school options. It is also inter-district and open-enrollment to other districts, as well as program choices within individual schools. All of these celebrate the uniqueness of our students by offering educational choices that nurture and grow their various skills, talents, and interests.

It’s no surprise that we go big for NSCW in Arizona, which is a state leader in school choice options. The support for choice in Arizona is strong and continues to grow, with school choices expanding every year and with a focus on excellence. This is due to Arizona’s exceptional teachers and school leaders, along with parents who make thoughtful decisions about their child’s education and take part in their learning.

A for Arizona is fighting for all Arizona students to have access to quality school choice options, no matter their demographics. Last week, we challenged legislators to have their district become the first in Arizona to have all ‘A’ schools. This is possible, and something we must insist upon until every student has access to a high quality education.

A for Arizona is proud to participate in National School Choice Week and to advocate for excellence every other week of the year too!