Arizona Charter Academy

Social justice inspires me because we live in a world where our future generation must be equipped and ready to create positive change. To create hope and empower students to defy odds and know that positive outlooks can and will happen.

​What made you to want to become a school leader? 
To create hope and empower staff, students, and stakeholders to defy odds, pursue their passions, and make dreams a reality.

What are your school’s Top 3 accomplishments? 
1. Moving from a ‘D’-rated school to an ‘A’!
2. Winning numerous awards for our staff culture, including “Arizona’s Most Admired
Companies” 4 years running and “Best Places to Work”.
3. Creating a school culture where all stakeholders are accepted, valued, and continue to strive for excellence despite obstacles.

How do you and your team defy expectations? 
We have an incredible 100% graduation rate at Arizona Charter Academy, beating the state average in AzMERIT testing for 3rd-6th grades in both Math and ELA with a 80% free and reduced lunch population, and an average of 93% teacher retention rate.

What is one of your Big Goals for 2016?
To beat the state average in AzMERIT for grades 7th-11th in both Math and ELA.

What is the biggest challenge that you and your students face? 
Developing opportunities and finding the funding to keep the excellent teachers we have.

Tell us one unique story about your school and culture. 
From the moment you walk into Arizona Charter Academy, the comment we often here is, “There is just something different about this place. You can feel the energy and see the excellence.” Arizona Charter Academy staff thrives off the challenge of seeing students data grow and defying the odds. Making an impact and proving statistics wrong is an addictive high for us – once the adrenaline starts pumping, we demand more. It’s great!

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