​It’s been a great year at Race to the Tap, a regular meet-up during our state legislative session that offers connection and collaboration between Arizona education, business, and policy leaders. (But don’t worry, we may sneak in a few more impromptu gatherings this summer so we don’t lose momentum.) Here’s why you should be missing it too!

This informal forum has provided a fantastic way to talk through difficult issues as well as bounce new ideas in a safe and casual setting. We’ve done both this year by bringing together those involved in the various facets of education and from different sides of the political and policy spectrums.

Our local and national partners have told us we definitely have created the coolest regular meet-up and meaningful exchange between bright minds in Arizona education and policy work.

But, don’t just take our word for it! Check out what other Race to the Tap regulars had to say:

It’s fun to see friends and both discuss and learn the inside scoop on educational issues.
– Senator Steve Pierce

I enjoy Race to the Tap because it offers me an opportunity to chat with education leaders from across the spectrum in a casual setting.
– Representative T.J. Shope

The Race to the Tap is a great opportunity for the K-12 policy community to get together in an informal setting to discuss serious issues on a regular basis. I am not sure how we got along in the past, but without it, many of us would find a Race to the Tap shaped hole in our souls.
– Matt Ladner, Foundation for Excellence in Education

Race to the Tap is a unique event that brings together individuals committed to expanding the number of “A” schools serving low income populations to share ideas, explore partnerships, or simply unwind with friends and colleagues after a long week. Smart Toro is a proud member and supporter of A for Arizona and looks forward to continuing our partnership to expand the number of “A” rated schools serving Arizona students and families.
– Jaime Martinez, Smart Toro Consulting

Race to the Tap combines three of my favorite things: admirable education leaders, inspiring & provocative conversation, and really good beer. It’s a winning recipe for real comradery and great ideas!
– Steve Erickson, Teach For America – Phoenix

Cheers to another great round of Race to the Tap!