So I don’t ordinarily drink a lot of Kool-Aid about people who serve in public office. I truly respect the heck out of people willing to serve. But let’s face it, I’m getting too old to swoon.

However, I am not too old or too cool or too jaded to be truly moved and inspired when the words of our Governor reflect exactly what I hope our elected officials will spend their time worrying about. To be precise, how about we all work on getting the greatest number of our students in the highest quality schools in the shortest amount of time. Especially, let’s ensure quality schools for vulnerable children.

Governor Doug Ducey just paved a path for how we can do that with about 15 different golden bricks… none of them the same, but all adding up to a pretty impressive stretch of road forward.

He moves on ahead from last May’s vote on Proposition 123 and way beyond what some are wanting to know about a potential 456. He adds 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18. It’s a lot of roadway.

And this road is clearly headed to excellence in ALL communities. This plan offers a whole lot of focus on adding investment to schools in low-income communities and especially to getting more students into the very best classrooms in front of the very best teachers… and those teachers will earn more of the money that they dearly deserve.

All of these things matter so much because the lens he is using to view the problem is exactly right. Governor Ducey reminds us that we have an incredible number of successful schools in Arizona, and that we still need so many more, especially in low-income communities. The only way to go from here to there is on a road that drives into everybody’s neighborhood, but one that adds a lot more side-roads into the places we most need to travel.

In 25 years, I have frankly never seen so much of exactly the right focus. I’m more than happy to drink this in all day long, you gotta read this for yourself: