Thank you lawmakers and Governor Ducey for passing and signing a budget that includes a 20 percent raise for Arizona teachers.

The total added education investment of $1.5 billion over three years represents a huge victory for Arizona teachers and students. It not only delivers a large and well-deserved pay raise, it also provides $100 million this year in flexible funding for classroom support. There is no doubt that Arizona leaders value education and remain committed to getting more dollars to our teachers and classrooms in the most effective way possible. We are grateful for a continued commitment to expanding excellence with $1.6 million additional revenue appropriated to sustain, expand, and replicate high performing schools, and especially those in high poverty areas. These dollars fund new students flocking to our high performing schools and reflect the importance of ensuring parents and families have excellent choices in every neighborhood.

The budget signed today represents a responsible and sustainable plan that makes a serious commitment to new resources for our teachers, students, and schools. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities as we move forward with additional dollars and surging academic achievement. Thank you, Arizona leaders, for getting this done.