A for Arizona Statement on Federal Letter Denying High School Assessment Flexibility

Below is a statement from A for Arizona Executive Director Emily Anne Gullickson on the U.S. Department of Education’s letter denying Arizona’s waiver for flexibility in statewide high school assessments. “The heart of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act law, which the late Arizona Senator John McCain fought to pass in December 2015, is to provide states more flexibility and ability to…

Breaking the law of averages

Let’s start with the good news. A recent study by EdBuild found Arizona’s state funding formula for public schools to be one of the most equitable in the country, and one that supports students based on needs. We admire EdBuild’s attempt to present data according to school district boundaries, as much of the funding disparity can be found in local decisions. However, when the report looked…

Celebrating Arizona’s diverse culture during school choice week

All students should have access to a great school that will bring their passions to life and give them confidence for the future. And parents should have the chance to pick the school that will best do that. National School Choice Week allows us to reflect on that privilege and express gratitude to Arizona policymakers for their continued commitment to keep school choice a cornerstone of our…

A for Arizona Executive Director Emily Anne Gullickson statement on FY2020 Executive Budget

Below is a statement from A for Arizona Executive Director Emily Anne Gullickson on Arizona Governor Ducey’s FY2020 Executive Budget: “Arizona’s students continue to be a priority for Governor Ducey. His budget proposal released today is incredibly comprehensive and student focused. He built on last year’s 20 percent pay raise for teachers with another $637 million in new K-12 investments. “We…

The 74: How Arizona Is Building Its Own Talent Pipeline to Solve Teacher Shortages

The 74 recently reported that Arizona is building its own innovative talent pipeline, which allows schools to train aspiring teachers who have a college degree and commit to two years in the classroom. Once the candidate shows proven results with students, the teacher can earn certification.

The Burton Family Foundation Invests in Replicating Arizona’s Best Schools

A for Arizona is proud to announce the launch of a first-of-its-kind, statewide Expansion Fund to support the growth of Arizona’s highest quality district, magnet and charter schools, especially those serving low-income communities. The campaign is being jumpstarted by a $1 million matching grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation – the match opportunity will run through December 31.

Mr. Worldwide announces replication of SLAM! Academy to the 602

Armando Christian Perez, commonly known as “Pitbull,” announced last week that Arizona will be the next expansion site for SLAM! Academy, the rapper’s public charter school system which currently operates schools in Florida and Nevada. The announcement tells us a lot about Arizona’s school environment and what we’ve done right to finally attract quality out-of-state charter systems.

A catalyst for innovative growth of quality public schools

I’ve been asked a lot, “why is A for Arizona launching an expansion fund?” The answer is simple. No child should have to wait for a school that will match their full potential. The heart of A for Arizona’s work is to learn from our best performing schools and their leaders in order to shape public policy toward achieving the goal of a constantly improving and expanding system of public schools…

KTAR: Arizona education expansion fund looks to bolster underserved schools

KTAR News recently reported that the Arizona Chamber Foundation’s A for Arizona project has launched what it calls a first-of-its kind statewide expansion fund. Emily Anne Gullickson, the executive director of A for Arizona, said the campaign to aid Arizona schools contains a $1 million matching grant from the Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation. “We’re very excited about what this fund can do to sort…

A for Arizona Announces Trailblazer Award Honorees

These outstanding school leaders and elected officials are working toward a common goal of making high quality public school choices available to all. These individuals show us what’s possible—even in unlikely places—and they are paving the way to radically expand excellence. At A for Arizona we’re inspired by their work and are helping them do that even faster.