The selection of Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education signals a shift in the conversation around education policy in exactly the right way. We are very pleased with her nomination and the opportunity to focus the national spotlight on providing more families access to high quality education options of their choice.

Mrs. DeVos has dedicated her education work to the simple premise that families, especially those who cannot afford private schools or a home near high quality public schools, have a fundamental right to choose where their children attend school. She is agnostic on school type, but not school quality. She continually emphasizes the fact that no single political party, school model, or approach to instruction is the answer for every child. This is a philosophy we share and which fuels our work to transform education thought and policy in Arizona.

Mrs. DeVos is not a “gradual improvement” kind of leader. She is a true reformer who believes in immediate transformation of lives through quality education because she sees it happening. We see it happening here in Arizona too, which is why we’re investing in and highlighting the teachers and principals in the unlikely corners of our state who are making the impossible possible for their students. We’re optimistic that under Mrs. DeVos’ leadership we can take a national break from seeking to impose improvement from on high and instead look to make the best schools in our communities available to more families.

These are exciting times. The shift in focus from failure to success has already taken root in Arizona with a Governor whose actions reflect a vision to make quality classroom options available to every Arizona student. How refreshing it will be for our country when we have an Education Secretary whose focus is enabling America’s great school leaders to do more of their work, while ensuring all families have access to their schools.

You can read more about Mrs. DeVos’ qualifications and why we support her nomination in our letter to the U.S. Senate Education Committee Chair, here.