As a former teacher and coach at ASU Preparatory Academy-Phoenix, I am deeply disappointed by the Phoenix Elementary School District Board’s vote to terminate its lease with one of the highest performing schools in downtown Phoenix.

During my time as an educator, I saw first-hand the top-notch teaching at ASU Prep that has led to incredible results for students from the surrounding low-income community. ASU Prep has a perfect 100% graduation rate and has increased student achievement in the downtown Phoenix community.

ASU Prep is truly changing students’ lives.

Take a former member of my cheerleading squad, Khoisan Jefferson. She is majoring in Justice Studies at Arizona State University and is an active member of her sorority, Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority Incorporated. After graduation Khoisan wants to be a federal attorney working in the victimized children’s bureau. ASU Prep has provided the preparation, resources and opportunities to students like Khoisan, preparing them for a successful college experience and vibrant career.

Displacing this public school will rob 1,200 students the opportunity to graduate from this exceptional campus, most of whom are low-income and will struggle to travel to a new location.

While it is not unusual to close schools that do not have good outcomes for kids or that have declining student enrollment, ASU Prep meets neither of those conditions. If the value of the land were the primary purpose of public schools, then dozens, if not hundreds, of schools would close during times of economic growth. But that is not the mission of our public schools; it is to serve students.

As parents and students explained to the Phoenix Elementary School Board meeting on July 26, ASU Prep is meeting students’ needs at a very high level. Sadly, all of the Board members were unmoved. To play this game with students and their futures is unacceptable.

I look forward to seeing the Board resolve this puzzling decision in favor of students, their future, and the positive trajectory of the community ASU Prep serves.

You can show your support on social media using #KeepThePrep, joining us at Phoenix Elementary’s board meeting tonight a 6 p.m., and by contacting district board members to urge them to #KeepThePrep.