All students should have access to a great school that will bring their passions to life and give them confidence for the future. And parents should have the chance to pick the school that will best do that.

National School Choice Week allows us to reflect on that privilege and express gratitude to Arizona policymakers for their continued commitment to keep school choice a cornerstone of our education system.

In Arizona we are lucky because we have so many amazing options to choose from. That could mean a traditional district school, a public charter school, a magnet school, a private school, or a home or online school option. Needless to say, we’ve got choice and it’s working.

In Maricopa County, nearly 1 in 2 students make a choice to attend a school other than the one assigned to them. Maybe your family is one of them.

Clearly, Arizona families support school choice and want to see it continue.

But it’s not just choice that’s flourishing. It’s also quality. In the last decade, our students have been improving academically at a rate faster than kids in any other part of the country. In terms of student achievement gains, Arizona rises to the top.

That must be why our School Choice Week celebrations in Arizona are so huge!

Governor Doug Ducey proclaimed Jan. 20-26 Arizona School Choice Week, and our state made history with more than one thousand events taking place across Arizona to celebrate.

One of those celebrations I had the privilege of participating in was in Tucson on Wednesday.

The event painted a beautiful picture of the rich cultures we have in Arizona and the diversity of our schools, students, and communities.

I was impressed by the student performances including ballroom, Ballet Folklorico and Aztec dancing, steel drums and a mariachi band. It was a wonderful showcase demonstrating that there is no one-size-fits-all way to educate a student population as rich in culture as ours here in Arizona.

I hope we’ll never take for granted the privilege we have in Arizona to select a school that best meets the unique needs of every child.