Below is an excerpt from a column written by Founding Director of Western School of Science and Technology Peter Boyle and published by Chamber Business News on April 30, 2019.

Since last year’s teacher walkouts, leaders from across all fields have shone a spotlight on the issue of education – and policymakers have taken notice…

With this in mind, and in Arizona’s continued spirit of educational innovation, policymakers are considering expanding the performance-based funding program to provide $250 per student to “B”-rated schools serving predominantly low-income students.

As the principal of such a school, I can speak firsthand to how such a comparatively-small investment would pay extraordinary dividends. We would spend an additional $250 per student on innovative professional development and best-in-class curriculum for our teachers – tools they will use to accelerate, and then sustain, our increasing academic outcomes.

Remember, $250 per student is less than 10% of the state’s per-pupil funding for our school – but this small, surgically-targeted infusion of capital would be a difference-maker in our ability to run that last mile. By increasing our support for high-performing schools in our most underserved communities – those that have already demonstrated their ability to grow students academically and that are tantalizingly close to reaching absolute levels of academic excellence – we will take significant strides to close the stubbornly-persistent gaps in educational achievement that exist between our low- and high-income communities – all while achieving value for Arizona’s taxpayers.