A for Arizona seeks to rapidly expand the number of low-income students in the highest quality schools. 

Arizona is home to many excellent schools with educators who believe every student can learn. However, not all students have access yet to these high performing schools. We work to expand the reach of excellence so that we can close the achievement gap for all kids.

We are the only statewide organization in Arizona that invests significant resources into expansion of high-performing low-income public schools and develops policy ideas to support and accelerate this work.

We measure high poverty by a school’s participation in the National School Lunch Program where 60 percent or more of its students qualify for free or reduced priced lunch.  Put into context, a family of four would need to make less than $32,000 annually to qualify for free lunch, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines.


million students are educated in Arizona's 1,983 public schools in FY17.


Arizona public district and charter schools are 'A'-rated in FY17.


total high poverty Arizona public district and charter schools in FY17.


high poverty 'A'-rated public schools in Arizona in FY17.

Our Goal

We work to increase the number of low-income students attending an ‘A’-rated public school by 10 percent each year.

A for Arizona is a self-contained initiative within the Arizona Chamber Foundation with dedicated funding, staff, and other resources.

We work in partnership with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce because business leaders understand the value to Arizona students that lies in expanding excellence and replicating what works.

As a 501(c)(3), the Arizona Chamber Foundation accepts contributions from individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations, which are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Find our most recent financials here.